Tissue and Cell Extraction and Purification

EP10011 100 Tests
EUR 763.2

Igg Laboratories manufactures the igg reagents distributed by Genprice. The Igg reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Igg. Other Igg products are available in stock. Specificity: Igg Category:

True north Cryobox1.5/2mLNatural

EUR 100.8

True north Cryobox 5mLNatural

EUR 153.6

True north Cryobox 5mLBlue

EUR 153.6

True north Cryobox 15mLNatural

EUR 212.4

True north Cryobox 15mLBlue

EUR 212.4

True north Cryobox 50mLNatural

EUR 210

True north Cryobox 50mLBlue

EUR 210

Lab Tools information

Mouse Hantavirus IgG(HV- IgG) Elisa Kit

EK730450 96 Wells
EUR 0.68

Human Hantavirus IgG(HV- IgG) Elisa Kit

EK711722 96 Wells
EUR 0.2

Dog IgG

31C-CH0401L 5 mg
EUR 210
Description: Purified Dog IgG

Pig IgG

31C-CH1401L 10 mg
EUR 237.6
Description: Purified Pig IgG

Rat IgG

M1101-100 each
EUR 183.6

Rat IgG

M1101-1000 each
EUR 444

Pig IgG

E61I023 1mg
EUR 411.6

Pig IgG

E3M00001 200ul
EUR 489.6

Cow IgG

E3M00003 200ul
EUR 489.6

Rat IgG

31C-CH1201 10 mg Ask for price
Description: Purified Rat IgG

  Pig IgG

30001-5 10 mg
EUR 150

Goat Anti-Human IgG (Fc) IgG, unlabeled

10119 1 mg
EUR 242.4

Goat Anti-Human IgG (Fc) IgG, unlabeled

10119-2 1 mg
EUR 270

Human Leptospira IgG,Lep IgG ELISA Kit

201-12-1798 96 tests
EUR 528
Description: A quantitative ELISA kit for measuring Human in samples from biological fluids.

Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (Fc) IgG, unlabeled

40151-UL 1 mg
EUR 255.6

Rabbit OVA IgG(Ovalbumin IgG) ELISA Kit

ERB0151 96T
EUR 681.12
Description: Method of detection: Indirect ELISA;Reacts with: Rabbit;Sensitivity: 1.875 ng/ml

Mouse Leptospira IgG(Lep IgG)ELISA Kit  

GA-E0170MS-48T 48T
EUR 403.2

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